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About Us

Salman Capital, a privately owned family company, is dedicated to real estate ventures. Established by Reuven Salman, the Salman family has long been at the forefront of urban real estate.

With a track record of over half a billion dollars in self-funded investments, Salman Capital concentrates on identifying value in various real estate projects, including multi-family, commercial, premier retail, mixed-use, and private money lending.

37+ Years of a Remarkable Journey



At Salman Capital, our vision is to redefine real estate by setting new standards of excellence and integrity. We aim to be the leading choice for investors and developers, offering innovative solutions and unparalleled service. Our goal is to create a lasting impact on the industry through strategic growth and a commitment to ethical practices


What We Do

Salman Capital is a dynamic real estate firm specializing in property development, investments, and management. Our comprehensive services encompass property acquisition, asset management, leasing, private lending and more. We tailor our approach to meet the unique needs of each client, providing expert guidance and personalized solutions.


Core Values​

Our core values define who we are at Salman Capital. They include excellence, integrity, innovation, and genuine relationships. We strive for excellence in everything we do, conducting our business with integrity and transparency. We embrace innovation to drive growth and adapt to change, all while prioritizing genuine relationships with our clients and partners.

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About Our Founder

At Salman Capital, our foundation is deeply rooted in the visionary leadership of our founder, Reuven Salman. Beyond the conventional scope of a real estate enterprise, we take immense pride in a legacy that reflects the enduring values of hard work, innovation, and authentic relationships.

Reuven Salman, an embodiment of ambition and resilience, embarked on his American journey in 1984. His initial role as a stock boy at a local clothing store marked the humble beginnings of a remarkable career. Driven by unwavering determination, Reuven achieved a significant milestone by establishing his own retail store, showcasing a profound entrepreneurial spirit. As his business flourished, Reuven strategically expanded, overseeing the operations of multiple successful retail outlets.


In 1987, Reuven Salman undertook a pivotal step in his entrepreneurial journey by acquiring his first property at 4724 5th Ave. This strategic move not only demonstrated foresight in navigating challenges but also laid the groundwork for a legacy characterized by resilience and success.

Reuven’s leadership and entrepreneurial acumen have become integral to the Salman Capital ethos. His commitment to calculated risk-taking and strategic expansion has positioned Salman Capital as a forward-thinking and resilient player in the real estate industry. Today, under Reuven’s guidance, Salman Capital continues to uphold a legacy of excellence, innovation, and enduring success.